8: What About Thanksgiving?

Jess returns from Las Vegas and subscribes to Daily Look. Aaron feels like a real musician now that Earth to Jupiter is on Spotify. We host a Halloween party, take it easy in Indio, and talk about our upcoming trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Links and Show Notes

Las Vegas
Tiffany Lew
Tiffany Indrawan
Hannah Lee
Regina Wong
Elizabeth To
Adobe MAX design conference
Adobe Max photo 1
Adobe Max photo 2
I would rather have my arms fall off meme
Daily Look
Vanessa Lam
Disneyland AP
Earth to Jupiter
Earth to Jupiter on Spotify
Warren Tang and Leslie Cheng
Manpreet Kaur
Travis Atreo
Martin Luther
Jesus pumpkin carving
Maryanne Moodie
Maryanne Moodie weaving class
Kirstie Lo
Halloween Reformation Disneybounding Party
Timothy Lee
Alison Fung and Edwin Fung
Edna Mode
Flynn Rider
Nathan Lee
The lamp from Aladdin
Hannah Lee
Mr. Smee from Peter Pan
Snow White
Jonathan To
Indio, CA
Air BNB weekend trip
Christopher Hui
Jocelyn Lee
Basic Floaties
Basic Gold Balloons
Basic Outdoor photo
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Disney
Shanghai Disney
Christmas tree


Aaron Lee
Jessica Lee